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We believe you will increase the probability of completing your transaction and achieve better terms in the process when you engage Ivory Capital as advisor.

Key Factors For A Successful Transaction

Strategic and Corporate Finance Advice 
We advise our client on the strategic rationale and financial impact for the transaction. We bring market knowledge and financial skills to evaluate the transaction. We focus on maximizing value for our client based on realistic goals.

Institutional investors are usually busy evaluating multiple opportunities at the same time. By engaging Ivory, our client demonstrates a strong commitment to quality and to completing the transaction. We help expedite process by focusing our client's time on important issues and bridging important gaps between the investors and our client. Investors will find it easier to evaluate the opportunity and communicate through us. Consequently, investors will have more incentive to invest their time to evaluate the opportunity.

Quality of Information 
We produce documents to provide investors with comprehensive and reliable information for the transaction, enabling them to gain a thorough understanding of your company. Quality of information engenders confidence and improved terms for the transaction.

Quality of Transaction Process and Timetable 
An experienced advisor is crucial in managing and smoothly executing a transaction. Most companies will not have resources to attend to investors and manage a high quality transaction process. The presence of a professional advisor ensures appropriate resources are committed to satisfy investors’ requests for discussions and information, providing everything required for investors to advance their interest in the transaction.

Creating More Demand
You will tap into our global network of investors and corporate relationships worldwide, and gain access to a much larger pool of potential buyers to create stronger demand and better terms for your transaction.

Communications Channel
An experienced advisor serves as the primary communications channel between a client and prospective investors. Effective communication is key towards achieving clients’ objectives as well as to avoiding misunderstanding and liabilities. We understand the mindset and language of the investor community, which can be valuable in complicated or intense transactions.

We contribute our negotiating skills and experience to your transaction, including advice on market standards and commercial implications for terms and conditions in legal documentation for your transaction, such as representations, warranties and indemnities.

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